Starting Sunday June 4th, The 8:30am Sunday Mass time will be changed to 9am Mass on Sunday

How to adore the Lord in the Chapel

How to Adore the Lord in the Chapel?

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Upon arrival in the chapel, scheduled or substitute adorers should enter their name in the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration log to record their hour of adoration.  The log is located on the desk at the entrance to the chapel.  Let the adorer whom you are relieving know that you are there.   


·       Kneel, sit or stand.

·       Remember: He is really there, so it is quite proper and enthralling to talk directly with Him.  Of course, if others are there, talking quietly to Jesus is best!

·       Discuss your problems, questions and ideas with the Lord. 

·       Pray for vocations and other intentions.


·       Read the Bible or other religious works (reading materials are in the chapel).  Use the books on the book shelf.

·       LISTEN, sit quietly and let our Lord talk to you.  YOU WILL BE AMAZED!

·       When it’s time to leave … again genuflect as before … give thanks for your time with our Lord … let Him know you are leaving but you will be back.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Before leaving, confirm that your scheduled or substitute adorer replacement for the next hour has arrived.  If the next scheduled or substitute adorer has not arrived and you can not remain for the next hour, contact a substitute or call your Coordinator to help find a replacement.  Often, the next adorer can come a little early to cover for some part of the hour.