Keep in your prayers Fr. Joseph and all the Pilgrams as they travel in Israel. Click the link for pictures as they travel.
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Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

Father Joseph and the Pilgrims have made it safely to Israel.

Getting Ready to Take off from Charleston

The Aquaducts

Ruins of the Roman City



Pictures of Cana

Mt. Carmel

Church of the Annunciation

Church of St. Joseph


Group Fun!

More Group Fun!

The Sea of Galilee

Morning Prayers on the Sea of Galilee

St. Peter's House


Preparing for Mass on the Mount of Beatitudes

Mount of Beatitudes

Morning Mass on Mt. Tabor
(Site of the Transfiguration)

Church on Mt. Tabor

The Dead Sea

Site where the
Dead Sea scrolls were discovered

Zacchaeus Tree

View of the Mount of Temptation,
here Jesus fasted for forty days
and forty nights

Entrance to the Jordan River

Jordan River

Jordan River

Renewal of Baptism at the River Jordan

Fr. Joseph says Mass at
St. Helen Chapel in Bethlehem

Seeing where they work the olive wood
to support local Christians in Bethlehem

The Basilica of the Nativity. 

Outside, Father blesses our group

 The place of the Visitation, where Our Lady
came to visit her cousin Elizabeth.


The Grotto of the Nativity, the place where it is believed that Jesus was born

Beginning the way of the Cross, Via Dolorosa - ending at the Basilica
of the Holy Sepulchre, built over the site of the Crucifixion and the Tomb



Each Day


Please Keep us all
in your prayers.