75th Anniversary of Blessed Sacrament Church

Since October 2, 1944, when Bishop Emmet Walsh established Blessed Sacrament Parish to care for the spiritual needs of all Catholics living West of the Ashley, the parish has been blessed by the generosity and dedication of thousands of Catholic families who have worshipped in Blessed Sacrament Church. Monsignor John J. McCarthy was the first pastor of the new parish. Initially, the St. Andrew’s Exchange Club very graciously offered the use of their building for the celebration of Masses and for religious instruction for children. In May, 1945 ground was broken for the construction of a temporary Church building (now the Parish Hall) and a rectory for the priest (now Church offices). Construction of the new Church was begun on June 1, 1962 and the current Church was dedicated on May 13, 1965. 



December 1, 2018 - 8:30-1200 - Family In Waiting Retreat in the parish hall. 

Come out, as a family, to begin the Advent Season with a mini retreat that will teach children the true story of St. Nicholas and how to make an Advent wreath.  It will teach adults how to prepare for the birth of Jesus during this Advent season and the whole family will make gift bags to give to those less fortunate.  The Hispanic community will also be teaching how to make a tasty dish."

NEXT PLANNING MEETING IS November 13th at 6pm in the Parish Hall

The 75th Anniversary Team is looking for volunteers to help with various events that would only require a few hours of help here and there. Some examples where volunteers will be needed include: Help organize the Family In Waiting Retreat which will take place on December 1, 2018. If you think you can donate some time to help at any of these events or would like to find out what other events are planned, please email Kimberly Applen at Kimberly.applen@gmail.com or call 843-730-3020 for more information.




Fr. McCarthy