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Avondale Proposal


Dear Blessed Sacrament Parishioners, School Parents, Area Property Owners, and Interested Citizens:

Charleston County and the City of Charleston are in the process of evaluating and possibly making significant changes to the Savannah Highway Corridor.  Included in that study is a proposal to realign Avondale and Nicholson Streets and to make improvements at the Intersection.  The Property Committee and the Finance Committee are carefully reviewing those plans and have expressed serious concerns about the project as currently designed.  Those concerns include 1) the loss of Blessed Sacrament property by condemnation along Hwy 17 and our income generating parking lot by DB’s, 2) much higher traffic count on the realigned Avondale Street resulting in increased road noise at the bedrooms in our Rectory, 3) night security concerns in the Chapel, School and Sanctuary due to more late-night activities in the commercial areas, 4) disruption of the residential character of the Avondale and Saint Teresa communities.

The County and City are presently accepting comments from the community, property owners and interested citizens online at . We are asking members of the Parish to please consider reviewing this proposal and entering comments about these concerns and issues. The deadline for your comments is September 23, 2022.  The Property Committee and Finance Council will continue to monitor the situation and report to the Parish while taking appropriate action as warranted.  Please contact any member of those groups for further information.  Thank You!

In Christ,

Rev. Arnulfo Jara Galvez


Project: Savannah Highway Intersection Improvements

Website for Information and Comment

Purpose of the Project: The Savannah Highway Capacity and Intersection Improvement Project’s purpose is to improve safety, traffic flow, and pedestrian access at key intersections along the corridor.

Impacted Intersections: Dupont & Stinson, Wappoo, and Avondale

Purpose of this document: To inform you of this project and activate our network and prepare us for public input. A unified voice is hard to ignore and we would like to work as a community to voice our concerns.

Open to Public Comment August 1st - September 23rdCharleston County is currently collecting questions, comments and concerns. This project has positives and negatives. It is time to voice our concerns to ensure the best design moves forward. This new design will impact our church, our school and our neighbors. We would like to demonstrate a unified concern for…

  • Safety and Security- This change will be adding vehicles and pedestrians to our area. Our church has been vandalized in the past and we would like to be proactive by ensuring it is not vandalized in the future. These changes will add to the nightlife which can in turn increase our chances for vandalization.
  •  Noise- The increased noise will create a hardship. Our church leaders reside in the home next to these changes. The changes will add vehicles and people to this area. The nightlife should increase which will increase the noise level for this residential area. Rest and sleep are crucially important to a person’s health. This change will increase the noise in this area which will affect our quality of sleep and quality of life.
  •  Loss of Revenue and Value- We currently rent out a portion of the property they are planning on condemning. This is decreasing our property value, decreasing our expected revenue and decreasing the value and investment we have added to our property as a residential property.
  •  Zoning- If this is being rezoned, we can demonstrate that our recent investments will be devalued. We have recently invested in our property as a residence. Due to this change we will not see a return on that investment due to these zoning and property changes.
  • Residential Character- This design will impact the existing character for the Avondale and Saint Teresa communities. It is important that improvements reflect our community. This change reflects part of our community and we hope that a revised design will show more respect and concern for the existing and surrounding residential and religious community.

What to do next? Please review the existing plans and take the time to join our voices by submitted comments.