Starting Sunday June 4th, The 8:30am Sunday Mass time will be changed to 9am Mass on Sunday

Ministers of Communion

Coordinator: Marjorie Ratliff

Goals and Purpose: To respond to your Baptismal call to serve God’s people by assisting the priest in distribution of Holy Communion.

Responsibilities: To fulfill assignments for distribution under the direction of the priest at all Masses, special Liturgies, the homebound, those in the hospital or nursing home. Ministers must first and foremost have an appreciation and love of the Eucharist, and must practice and live the Catholic faith.

Time Commitment: Time is scheduled whenever you attend Mass or if you go to the homes, hospital or nursing home.

Meeting Schedule: 1 time a year.

Training: Prior to being installed, a one hour training.

Safe Haven Class for volunteers: Yes for visiting hospital, homes
and nursing homes. Background Check: Yes 






Eucharistic Minister Schedule