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We value the opinions and input of our parishioners. The online suggestion box and the suggestion box in the church vestibule is an opportunity to share feedback, praise, input, suggestions or concerns with the parish. On a monthly basis, all submissions will be reviewed by the Pastoral Council for discussion and action. The responses are also shared monthly via the parish bulletin. Please include your name and contact information on the suggestion card, so that we can ensure we understand and respond accordingly. Thank you to those who have sent in suggestions!

October 10, 2017

Suggestion: Please ask that the volume be turned down on the music. It is so loud it is a bad distraction of prayer, and one cannot participate in the Mass properly.
Response: Before Mass, we will ask that the volume be kept down. During Mass, the music facilitates worship and helps encourage people to participate.

Suggestion: In order to better accommodate the large Easter Mass attendance each year at Blessed Sacrament, would it be possible to add an extra Mass to the Easter Mass schedule? Response: The Pastoral Council will discuss this and make plans for next year.

Suggestion: In the past years the chapel opened up at 7pm on Easter. The early morning opening is difficult for some adorers to make as it conflicts with family meals and other Easter plans.
Response: We will delay the opening of the chapel until 7pm on Easter Sunday.

July 2, 2017

Suggestion: When holy days fall on a Saturday or Monday, they should be treated with the same importance and reverence as when they don't fall on those days.
Response: We will communicate through the bulletin when we celebrate a solemnity.

Suggestion: Weekly Mass schedule and parish calendar should start on Monday thru the next Sunday.
Response: The Christian calendar is Sunday through Saturday. We have added the following Sunday to the parish calendar (as published in the bulletin).

Suggestion: Install a new church speaker and amplification system.
Response: This is in progress. The Building Committee has met with a sound contractor and will visit other churches who use the suggested system to evaluate for our use.

Suggestion: Say the prayer to St. Michael at the end of Mass.
Response: You are free to say the prayer after Mass. The Rosary is offered twice a month to give the experience of praying together outside of Mass. 

February 19, 2017

Suggestion: Why do we print song flyers for Saturday/Sunday Masses? Seems we have hymnals in the pews. The Responsorial Psalm changes very seldom from what is in the missal. Seems like a lot of time, effort and money.
Response: There are a number of selections not in any one book. This is a great suggestion. We will begin to investigate options.

Suggestion: Build a wall with a door to close off the chapel. Even a loft wall would block most of the noise from people coming in from outside as well as outside noise and cold/heat. Response: Good idea. We will take this under advisement.  

December 11th

Suggestion:  Would it be possible to have a reminder via the parish app sometime during the preceding week when there will be a special 2nd collection?
Response:  This is a good idea.  In the future, we will put this information out on the parish app and in email form to parishioners.

Suggestion:  Some people like to go to church early to pray the Rosary or read daily prayers.  Sometimes the music played before Mass is too loud.  Maybe it would be better to play soft, reflective music.
Response:  We will pass along this suggestion to the appropriate people.

Suggestion:  In the program of the Mass of Christian Burial, please print the names of the persons doing the readings.
Response:  We do not always have the names of the readers in enough time.  When we do have this information in a timely manner, we will make an effort to print the names.

Suggestion:  The church is always dirty.
Response:  This will be addressed.

Suggestion:  The organ/piano is too loud.  Why don't we have Catholic hymns?  Why don't we have a Vigil Mass before a holy day?
Response:  We will address this with the appropriate person.  If we do not have a Vigil Mass before a holy day, we have a Mass the evening of the holy day.

Sept. 18, 2016

Suggestion: We have a number of books, pamphlets and prayer cards of a Catholic nature that we would like to donate. Is there a way to do that?
Answer: We are establishing a lending library.

Suggestion: When the red hymnal or the Missal are to be used, please hold the book up so that it can be seen and announce hymn page number twice.
Answer: We will do this. Thank you.

Suggestion: Would it be possible to set up an arrangement for a ride to church for some people who aren't able to get there on their own sometimes?
Answer: We are looking into this. We are checking on restrictions and liability issues.

August 21st

Suggestion: I would like to request that religious education classes be moved back to Sundays at any time (or at least be given the option of Wednesday night or Sunday). ...

Response: The program is better being held on Wednesday evenings as opposed to Sundays for the following reasons: safety concerns because of the heavy traffic in the church parking lot on Sundays; the limited amount of time for catechesis between the 9am and 11am Masses; the number of people coming in late to Mass and leaving Mass early for class on Sundays; and breaking the Eucharistic fast by going to the hall for donuts on the way to Sunday Mass.

Suggestion: We should strive to be more in communion with our Hispanic brethren by having all bilingual Masses.

Response: We need to work toward social integration aspects first such as having an international food day. We have been scheduling bilingual elements in special Masses.

Suggestion: Please consider adding 2 designated parking spaces for the scheduled adoration chapel people.

Response: This has been taken under advisement.

June 26th

Submission: When the candle burns out, I would like to be able to change the glass holder after it is done burning.

Response: The candles are changed every morning by the sacristans. Due to fire safety issues, the sacristans are the only ones permitted to change out the candles.

Submission: One of the big lights in the parking lot on top of the hall is out and the light near the 5K door between the two buildings is out.

Response: These lights are on a timer. We will take this under advisement and have maintenance address the issue.

Submission: Let the 3rd grade be altar servers. Let LifeTeen sing at the 9am, 11am and 5pm Masses. Pick people from the Mass to do the readings.

Response: Rising 4th graders can altar serve. This coming school year, the Children's Choir will sing at the Saturday 5pm Mass and the 9am and 11am Masses. A person needs to be fully initiated into the church to be a reader at Mass.

May 15th

Submission: Could something be done about the cold temperature at Mass? It is very cold in the back of the church and doesn't seem to warm up even after the people have arrived.

Response: We are continuing to work out the bugs in our new AC system. We have found that it is warmer in the front.

Submission: We need 2 holy water fonts - one at each of the two middle entrances to the church.

Response: We will be checking into installing additional holy water fonts.

Submission: We should have a defibrillator in the church in the event of an emergency.

Response: We will be purchasing and installing a defibrillator in the suggested location (adoration chapel).

Submission: The tabernacle in the chapel is in serious need of restoration.

Response: We have received bids on restoring the tabernacle, and it is in the planning stages.

Submission: The small end kneeler at the isle, third row right side is extremely loose and needs to be secured.

Response: The kneeler will be reported to our maintenance department.

May 8th

Submission: We need new Stations of the Cross books. The current books are in bad shape. Quantity needs to be increased.

Response: We are reviewing our inventory of Stations of the Cross books and will increase the number of the most popular book.

Submission: Don't have us be seated at the conclusion of Mass. Make announcements prior to Mass.

Response: Additional communication is planned after Mass. If this were to take place at the beginning of Mass, it would interrupt the flow of the liturgy.

Submission: Start Mass on time, not 5-10 minutes late.

Response: Mass does start on time. Father Joseph is at the entrance to the church and ready to go when the bells are ringing.

Submission: Broadcast Christmas and Easter services into the hall.

Response: We are addressing this issue to see if it is possible. It is permissible to use live-stream video in overflow situations.

Submission: The holy water containers at the front of the church need to be cleaned more often.

Response: This will be scheduled for cleaning weekly. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Submission: A comment box needs to be at the front of the church. Many cannot walk to the main entrance to leave a note.

Response: We cannot put anything near the altar that is not directed to the liturgy. Please ask someone near you to walk to the back of the church to put a note in the suggestion box for you. We have many parishioners who would be happy to assist you.