Easter Masses. Easter Vigil March 31st at 8:15pm. Easter Sunday 7am - 9am - 11am - 1:30pm (Spanish)


Coordinator: Ann Mitchum  Phone: 766-1401 anmitchum22@comcast.net
Goals and Purpose: To proclaim the Word of God through Scripture readings on Sundays, Holy Days and funerals. Lectors present the prayers of petition for our Christian community.

Responsibilities: To grow in love and knowledge of the
Scripture readings. To take time prior to a service and familiarize
yourself with the upcoming scripture readings. Discuss with
coordinator about time preferences and finding a replacement
if you are unable to read. Arrive 15 minutes before the Mass time.

Time Commitment: 1 hour for the Mass or Service you are scheduled for plus preparation time during the week.